Whiteklay Learning Network specializes in providing training around  Bigdata and DataScience related technologies.  

5 Billion mobile phones in use in 2010, 30 billion pieces of content shared on Facebook every month,40% projected growth in global data generated per year vs 5% growth in global IT spending – All this and more has resulted in 140000-190000 analytical talent positions. We provide you with the skills to become one of them.


We provide online and offline training in BigData courses.  Choose from multiple training tracks based on your needs


As a part of this track, we provide training on essentials of BigData. This course is suitable for Business and IT Professionals who want to start their journey in Bigdata and have an overview of the related technologies and business problems.



This course teaches administrators the essential skills required to install, configure, monitor and maintain a Hadoop cluster. You will learn how to test hardware for performance consistency, install a Hadoop cluster, create baseline benchmarks, configure a cluster, and perform basic maintenance. 


This course teaches developers how to write Hadoop Applications using MapReduce and YARN in Java. The course covers debugging, managing jobs, improving performance, working with custom data, managing workflows, and using other programming languages for MapReduce.


This course is targeted towards developers to enable them to build simple Spark applications for Apache Spark. It introduces the benefits of Spark for developing big data processing applications, loading, and inspecting data using the Spark interactive shell and building a standalone application



This course provides the required learning in data analytics and data science. This is targetted towards the business analysts and professionals who want to gain skills in data exploration, data visualization, predictive and descriptive analytics techniques using open source tools like Python, R and Spark.