Whiteklay Value Proposition

To create a data market place, a global digital ecosystem where data is gathered, organized, transformed and securely exchanged by a network of stakeholders for the purposes of deriving value& insights from the accumulated information.


Whiteklay’s Izac framework works to provision a realtimedata exchange platform which enables realtime connectivity to multiple structuredand unstructured data sources like SQL RDBMS, Weblogs, Social Media, SecurityLogs, IOT devices, NoSQL databases - Elastic search, Hbase, Mongo DB, Druid andmany more.

Users can define specific connectors for their diverse set of structured, semi structured and unstructured data sources. Users can preview data structures at the sources, capture change data from source(inser / delete / update) and publish data independently. Deletion of data at source does not lead to deletion within IZAC, giving users flexibility to explore the data; moreover, Data deletion can be timed. There is no restriction on the number of data pipelines for data extraction and related statistics are available realtime. Statistics like null counts, min, sum, max etc are visible real time. IZAC supports data sharing with different members of the same organization. IZAC can restrict access to data assets to particular users within the platform

challenges for businesses

why us?

Whiteklay is a nimble juggernaut which is disrupting the Data Exchange space with its open source stack product IZAC on massive scale.

Being ahead of the curve, IZAC is now serving more than 400 million consumers and 20 billion records a day – all in a span of less than 6 months of soft launch.

Whiteklay also emphasizes in evolving the data eco-system and enhancing the pool of professionals through its exclusive leaning platform for leading data-space players across the world.

Whiteklay is your digital transformation enabler who helps you monetize your data by facilitating seamless sourcing of data from any source and transforming it to facilitate decision science through machine learning and AI.

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