Real-time, anonymized and aggregated transaction data is the best data asset for consumer-facing businesses to develop a holistic view of different consumer segments.


Our solution, which partners with some of the top banks, enables customers to innovate and elicit insights from this data through our Data Exchange platform and networked services.

  • Prioritize customer-centricity by enabling personalization.
  • Help customers across industries and geographies to address industry-specific pain points.
  • Unlock the power of aggregated transaction data and analytics to create actionable insights and enable data-driven decisions.

Merchant Transaction POS Analytics

The purpose of the solution is to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date view of customers engaging with a POS terminal at a merchant location. This data is derived from anonymous and aggregated transaction information. We provide a one-of-a-kind pay-per-view service that includes self-care and pre-defined analytics on portfolio performance in terms of volume, fraud, and authorization, as well as bespoke benchmarks for a complete picture of business performance and actionable insights.

360° Customer Billing

The solution would enable businesses to create 360-degree profiles of customers, which could be used to derive customer insights to the benefit of the retailer, the supplier, and the customer.
Our solution helps analysts create reports to track metrics by month, year, region, and segments.

Application Areas