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A unique experience It’s not always outdoor hikes, retiring rooms, and skateboarding in the hallways, but we know how to design a favourable work environment for employees. Creativity and innovation grow the business, so improving the workspace is always on the management’s mind.

Boost your learning potential: The idea is to make you independent and start your career growth on the first day. We would hire you because of your skills, but the expectation bar is always raised to look beyond. You would always be a big part of everything little that the company does. Most of the time, you will feel it’s work outside your job description, but that’s what gives you the adrenaline kick and the bounce of learning. Founders and employees work together; the hierarchy is flat, so you learn from the best.

Freedom to work: ​ You would make wise and smart decisions, take accountability for the results, and own up to the consequences. The chance to steer success and progress will always motivate you to perform one step further. Innovation would be your DNA: We build and fail fast, and that’s how we innovate. The idea is always to keep you on the fast track and in the front lane. You would have the licence to always show off your skills! We deliver results with fresh designs and new concepts that capture customer interests. Dynamic energy waves drive progress in the company, so yes, pressure is there, but we make it fun. You would feel pride in building for the company and sharing in its ups and downs – a part of the tightly knit family.

The perks:​There would be enough to keep you happy:

● Flexi working hours
● Work from Home kits
●A Casual Atmosphere,
● Employee Discounts and Free Services.

The long-term benefits include sharing in the success if the company succeeds. That could mean a fancy position or employee stock options.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:Employees share in every ounce of growth and success of the company, so you drive your own career path inside the company. We’d make you feel special whenever you did well and get you back on track when you didn’t.

opportunity with us

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Hadoop Developer

Employment- Full time

Location- Pune

Hadoop Developer Responsibilities:

  • 1. Meeting with the development team to assess the company’s big data infrastructure.
  • 2. Designing and coding hadoop applications to analyze data collections.
  • 3. Creating data processing frameworks.
  • 4. Extracting data and isolating data clusters.
  • 5. Testing scripts and analyzing results.
  • 6. Troubleshooting application bugs.
  • 7. Maintaining the security of company data.
  • 8. Creating data tracking programs.
  • 9. Producing Hadoop development documentation.
  • 10. Training staff on application use.

Experience Required:

  • 1.Bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science.
  • 2.Previous experience as a hadoop developer or big data engineer.
  • 3.Advanced knowledge of the hadoop ecosystem and its components.
  • 4.In-depth knowledge of Hive, HBase, and Pig.
  • 5.Familiarity with MapReduce and Pig Latin Scripts.
  • 6.Knowledge of back-end programming languages including JavaScript, Node.js, and OOAD.
  • 7.Familiarity with data loading tools including Squoop and Flume.
  • 8.High-level analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • 9.Good project management and communication skills.

Lead Product Specialist – Support

    Experience- 10 years of overall experience with at least 3+ years as a Big Data DevOps / Release Engineer

  • 1. Expert level experience in Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Build tools such as Git, GitLab, Nexus, Maven, Grunt and Node.js.
  • 2. Demonstrated experience in many of these technologies – Jenkins, Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes orchestration and similar technologies
  • 3. Demonstrated experience involving automating builds, release and configuration management system of non-prod and production environments using RPMs and scripting languages like Python, Bash
  • 4. Good knowledge in Querying and analyzing large amount of data on Hadoop HDFS using Hive and Spark Streaming and working on systems like HDFS, YARN, Hive, HBase. Spark, Kafka,, Grafana and Prometheus.
  • 5. Experience securing Hadoop stack with Sentry, Ranger, LDAP, Kerberos KDC
  • 6. Experience supporting CI/CD pipelines on Cloudera on Native cloud and Azure/AWS environments
  • 7. In-depth knowledge of Linux internals (Centos 7.x) and shell scripting
  • 8. Ability to learn quickly in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment

    attach your resume PDF only. not more than 2MB !