Whiteklay is a select and niche provider of Information technology in the Asia Pacific region with a major focus on a work line which encapsulates distributed computing and scalable storage.This focus has led to the company investing heavy on Big Data Consulting, Management, Implementation, Analytics and Training with a portfolio which rests strongly with MapR platform capabilities.

Our Big Data team helps you gather insights from data which will help you make informed business decisions. We help you select the tools and techniques which will best handle the data for your specific goals, timeframe, and architecture – Build your platform over time, not all up front. Whiteklay data science team guides you to contribute the most important value to business which are the correlations needed to provide the right insight, perspective, and meaning to a given data point. Whiteklay Learning academy builds an innovative brand and initiative,” Hadoop Academy ” to spread the power and knowledge to use big data technologies across various segments of Students, Developers, Administrators and Business crowds.