Exploring customer dimensions

An integrated mix of demographic, transaction, environment, behavior and social data attributes of a customer, product or a service .


A deep understanding of customer interests and purchase patterns is a critical component of any retail business intelligence operation. This solution implements a process of aggregating customer data into a “360 degree” profile, and uses advanced machine learning models backed by a strong distributed platform to provide predictive insights on simulated customers.


A 360-degree customer view created from rich customer data from across channels and systems can help you deliver better


Creating a comprehensive customer-360 profile enriched by predictive analytics running across a distributed system backed by a unique set of data models.


Our models help in improving engagement and relationships with your most valuable customers and systemically migrate low or marginally profitable customers to more profitable ones.


We provide real-time Customer Lifetime Value Scores by user-defined segments which help in deciding product promotions, levels of service and also measuring the costs to acquire, serve and retain customers for each customer segment.


With the help of machine learning, we can calculate intelligent up-sell and cross-sell recommendations for each customer at different points in time as well as predict customer attrition (churn). These predictive capabilities can also answer more tactical questions such as — will you earn a higher return from marketing to fewer high-value customers or more mid-value customers.


By experimenting with combinations of customer data from each category we can help you determine what type of messaging, favourite channels, which products and services, etc best resonates with your customers.This can help you retain your customer and gain a better customer lifetime value.


By understanding customer expectations and calculating customer propensity to purchase products we can help you recommend personalized, bundled or customized products which can help you boost your revenue/profits.