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Diverse datasets make Data Collaboration nearly impossible to drive insights

Data is scattered across the organization in multiple silos and modern applications are changing data requirements. Public and private entities need to consume data to create new revenue opportunities and improve efficiency.

However, there is no platform to enable organizations to easily circulate and make data available in realtime, while taking into account the imperatives of data confidentiality, enforcement, and traceability of data assets.

Seamless Data Exchange


IZAC-Unified Data Exchange Platform

IZAC gives organizations the power to build their own unified private data exchange platform enabling them to effectively store and exchange information both within and outside their organization

IZAC Elements



Data is usually scattered across various technologies with varied data formats like CSV, JSON etc. Connectors help you connect to hundreds of business applications, cloud storage apps, databases and file systems and provide a way to extract and publish data into these systems. IZAC comes with built in 200+ open source connectors which let you source data from unlimited sources, any kind



Data in the real world is generated one event at a time. “Events” within IZAC can be described as continuously moving fast immutable data assets which are collected in real time. Events are self describing data assets which can be shared, transformed and analyzed in real time.



Data assets created by users can be shared with other members within the organization with the help of a private marketplace. Marketplace provides an easy way to explore, subscribe, collaborate and consume data.



Flows are used for transforming events in real time. It provides users the capability to perform simple and complex transformations using a drag and drop feature. Users can choose from a variety of pre-built functions like Joins, Filters, Aggregation operations, data masking etc or even define their own.



Events created by users can be shared with other users which then get populated in the respective users marketplace . Marketplace provides an easy way to subscribe to data events created by other users in the platform . Users can share data to particular members within the organization or share it with all users by marking it as public. (note public means all members who are part of the platform)