A real time data exchange TO enable REALTIME DECISION making

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IZAC is your customized unified data exchange platform which sources, transforms and visualizes every type of data – structured, semi structure and unstructured. IZAC enables data democratization through easy and fast rule based data asset sharing, allowing non-specialists, decision makers to work independently on data by letting them find and consume data seamlessly. IZAC has inbuilt machine learning algorithms to drive the data models into artificial intelligence product.

User Access and Role Management

You can define roles of access for data exchange system

IZAC helps you to map organizational hierarchy for approval process of data assets

Administrator can create and define new roles like Data Producer, Data Developer, Data Consumer and others

Administrator can add users to specific roles, restrict and validate user access

Data Extraction

Users can define specific connectors for their diverse set of structured, semi structured and unstructured data sources

Users can preview data structures at the sources, publish data independently

Data is stored in a persistent, immutable manner within the platform, and hence, can be used anytime in future with proper data lineage, without depending on source system

IZAC has the capability to capture change data from source(insert / delete / update)

Deletion of data at source does not lead to deletion within IZAC

Data Extraction is continuous and realtime, can be viewed and analyzed realtime

There is no restriction on the number of data pipelines for data extraction; related statistics are available realtime

Statistics like null counts, min, sum, max etc are visible realtime

Data deletion can be timed

Data Transformation

Users can define data transformation workflows in realtime, users can perform transformations using a web based drag and drop tool, without any complex scripting and publish the enriched data sets

IZAC supports transformations including data preparation, data cleansing and filtering

Data transformations are independent of source and destination systems

All transformed data is stored within IZAC

Data Sharing

IZAC supports data sharing with different members of the same organization

IZAC can restrict access to data assets to particular users within the platform

Users can review data assets before sharing, users can use data assets published by other users and users can push data to the database of their choice

Data once shared can be made immutable

Data Marketplace

Users can explore published data assets along with the data asset features

All published data assets have the right documentation about its data and are real time

Users can subscribe to data assets in the marketplace

All consumers of data have the same view of data

Data Warehousing (Extended Capability)

User can perform arbitrary SQL queries on historical data, including slicing and dicing

Users can analyse real time data along with historical data

Users can perform aggregation in real time

Data Warehouse is scalable, and can provide most results in less than 60 seconds

Data warehouse can integrate with other systems

Advanced Analytics (Extended Capability) & Visualization

IZAC supports machine algorithms for optimization problems, projections, benchmarking, relationship analysis, trend analysis, classification, clustering

IZAC supports querying relational and non relational data for employing iterative machine learning algorithms and other arbitrary computations

IZAC supports analytics queries to provide summary view of data, cross referencing multiple data sets

IZAC performs in-memory processing and analytics on realtime data in realtime

IZAC has an intuitive interface to explore and visualize datasets, and create interactive dashboards

It supports ad hoc data exploration and self service dashboards

Governance & Audit

IZAC provides role-based access to data catalog objects, meta-data administration, dashboards, exception managements

It provides source to target visualization of data movements and transformations – right from high level view and thereafter user can drill down into specific data assets

Users can track every query made on the platform

IZAC has detailed logs for auditing and troubleshooting

IZAC is an ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified product – it enables organizations for their GDPR and other leading compliances across the world

Workflows & Scheduling

IZAC can define schedules and workflows via graphical user interface

IZAC can pause, resume and rerun failed workflows and jobs

You can monitor progress of executed workflows, statistics and logs on IZAC

You can establish marketplace for data publishers and data subscribers to collaborate using IZAC