IoT Ecosystem

IoT Ecosystem

Inventions in the field of network infrastructure and embedded systems has enabled things today to interact and generate valuable data which has the capability of impacting thousands of lives and processes all around the world. This revolution is what we call today IoT revolution which is the part of widely spoken Industrial Revolution 4.0. It is forecasted that more than a Billion devices will be connected to the internet ecosystem thereby generating more than a trillion gigabytes of data. To Understand it lets take a dip into IoT Ecosystem.

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IoT uses various communication protocols and devices to generate data via sensor and send through a channel to store, visualize and analyse for monitoring, prediction, decision making, etc. with the help of proper user interface and power of big data analytics. Notable protocols for M2M and IoT are Zigbee, WLAN, LoraWAN, Bluetooth, etc.

Components of IoT can be divided into following parts.

IoT and Big Data :- A Match made in Heaven!

1. More than Billion IoT devices will be functional by 2025 generating Petabytes of data.
2. Two trilion GB of data is expected to be generated by IoT devices by 2020.

What to do with such huge amount of data???

The match-:

Storing data in distributed file system.
Large data generated complies with 3 Vs of big data -: velocity, variety, volume.
Analyzing the data using tools like Hadoop MapReduce, Spark, etc.
Generate useful insights to support decision making.

Window of Possibilities -:

Anomaly detection-: Detecting undesired anomaly in the system in real time.
Predictive maintenance-: Having the data of operation of equipments and failures can help predict maintenance schedule.
Fault analysis-: Pre-fault and post fault data can help analyze faults and predict it.
Health Monitoring-: IoT brings the possibility of health monitoring of assets.
Parameter Prediction-: Predicting a parameter of interest in a particular industry.

Results of the match

  • Decrease in failures in various industrial processes.
  • Decrease in cost of operation and maintenance.
  • Increase in the amount of energy saved.
  • Increase in safety of the workers working in the factories.


The question now is where do we see that today?

Smart Homes

Smart homes today is helping people to save energy, bills, automating various processes, enhancing security and even giving infotainment and entertainment services.

Connected mobility-:

Connected mobility is enhancing safety of lives while on the road.
V2V, V2P, V2X is today making cars intelligent enough to make your drive safer.

Smart Grid

Asset management, load forecasting, fault monitoring and many other features are enabling companies to reduce transmission losses and bringing reliability to the electricity supply.

Connected factories

Using the assets to the fullest is never achieved by factories.
Today IoT make it possible to monitor assets in near real time there by utilizing assets to the fullest.
It enhances safety of the workers as well.

Optimizes space in mines as well.


These examples are just the tip of the ice-berg. Possibilities and impact is huge which can’t be described by words rather can be seen by number of people’s life it has affected and made even lively.

IoT Eco-system is place where creativity meets technology to solve some of the biggest challenges to the world.



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