Master Data Hub for Telecommunications

Master Data Hub for Telecommunications

Telecommunication service providers’ strong imperatives include managing exponential business change that is driven by rapid technology advancement and convergence, deregulation and increased value chain complexity. Increasing competition, cross linked next gen networks, distributed content, service optimization, billing and process add to this. The corresponding information technology that supports these changes is complex and expensive, and expands as the telecom business model expands.Key is to respond to external market drivers, while simultaneously transforming the legacy business models to become agile, dynamic and transparent. Data management in such a continuously evolving environment is extremely challenging and must account for an augmentation or change in the current legacy architectures with an open data framework with Operation support systems and Business support systems.

IZAC data platform for Telecommunications empowers CSP’s to build the master data hub to suit their existing specific needs using the inbuilt key components required for a data warehousing solution. Izac’s flexible and scalable data hub framework enables a CSP to architect a comprehensive Information Lifecycle Management (ILM), augment existing data warehouse architecture/departmental data marts through pre built data models. The approach ensures upstream applications to be aligned to a single and proven data lake architecture.Below are some of the salient features of the platform


Datahub for Telecom


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