Genome Sequencing with Big Data

DNA sequencing has signicantly impacted healthcare and biotechnology by greatly accelerating medical and biological research. It has even become indispensable in areas like forensic science.  While the  possibilities seem endless, hampered only by limitations in computing throughput, speed, scalability, and resolution.Whiteklay’s BioDek aims at overcoming the scalability challenges  enabling researchers to pursue the study of genomics at an unprecedented level .Read More→


Are you Artificial Intelligence ready!

“The secret of success is to be ready when your opportunity comes”, said a former British Prime Minister in the 19th Century. How apt it is even in today’s’ context, as the opportunity wave today is AI!. Irrespective of which space the enterprise functions (internet/non-internet) , AI is imperativeRead More→

Life of a Call Data Record

Call Data Records represent a wealth of information that can be mined in order to discover patterns related to both calling behavior and service feature usage (e.g., SMS, MMS, etc.). Enabling near real-time CDR mining and analysis requires  a scalable and robust infrastructure . Though many of the telecoms have adopted big data systems to handle  the high volume problem, many still struggle to make the analysis  near real time . IZAC provides some unique capabilities to solve the same . Read More→

Datahub for Telecom

IZAC Big-data Warehouse for Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication service providers’ strong imperatives include managing exponential business change that is driven by rapid technology advancement and convergence, deregulation and increased value chain complexity.IZAC data platform for Telecommunications empowers CSP’s to build the master data hub to suit their existing specific needs using the inbuilt key components required for a data warehousing solution. Read More→